Review Travel understands the time and cost pressures faced by businesses. We utilise the latest travel management technology for booking corporate travel to provide our clients with on the go access and straightforward cost reconciliation.

Review Tech

Our travel consultants access industry leading Global Distribution Systems to find the best available fares and rates in the market in real-time. They benchmark these fares against 70 different countries as well as global market offers. Our integrated back office technology allows us to provide clients with sophisticated travel management information through a variety of data files.

Reduce costs, save time and shape policy compliance with our award-winning, all-in-one online booking tool. Allowing exclusive access to the best global fares across air, hotel, rail and more, OrBiT provides you with the opportunity to compare rates, fares and amenities at the touch of a button. OrBiT can provide a customised approval system to complement your travel policy and provide your organisation with the ability to manage traveller behaviour, as well as capture bespoke company information to facilitate efficient reporting and accounting.

Review Rail

Our intuitive rail-only online platform provides flexible booking and an overview of the most cost-effective fare options for your journey. Our smart data can provide a summary of savings achieved and missed, allowing analysis of booking behaviour. With multiple methods of ticket delivery, and the option of a desktop rail ticket printer allowing you to void and hold tickets, the result is stress-free rail travel.

Review Dashboard

Protect your employees and support your duty of care responsibilities with our comprehensive traveller tracking platform. Review Dashboard provides global visibility of the location of all travelling employees. The easy to use filter function can geographically pinpoint all travellers in a specific location instantly, so your travellers can be alerted to any emergency situation which may affect their travel plans. The online platform also synchronises travel confirmations with various calendars, streamlining business travel plans.

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