In the press: Is mobile tech being overhyped?

In a recent article for The Business Travel Magazine, Review Travel’s CEO, Christian Gleave, gave his opinion on the value of tech in business travel. Here’s a summary of his thoughts on the matter:

“Businesses are feeling the squeeze, and it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re saving clients time and money. Mobile technology plays a huge part in achieving this and it’s foolhardy to underestimate the value it brings to business travel. The industry must continue innovating to meet the demands of the modern traveller, and the last few years have given us platforms that we now take for granted. These platforms have led us away from paper and towards mobile tickets, allowing us to monitor delays by tracking flights in the air, and permitting fingerprint booking in a matter of seconds. The ease with which this mobile technology has been adopted signals the appetite we have for software that saves valuable time and money – something we’re all measured on.

“While the benefits of innovative mobile tech are unquestionable, it’s important that TMCs offer a combined approach, merging cutting edge technology with real people. Customer service remains a top priority for clients, and nothing beats the reassurance of someone at the end of the phone when you need urgent assistance.

“Tech will continue to be a vital component of the service offered by TMCs, but it’s on us to get the balance right.”

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