Great gadgets and riveting reads for frequent business travellers

As a business travel management company Cheshire, we know that efficiency and staying refreshed are two of the most important things when you’re away on business.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the latest must-have gadgets, as well as some compelling reads for when you’re next away.


CleverTrips Universal Travel Power Adapter

No matter how hard you search, there are just never enough outlets for charging all of our tech. This universal travel power adaptor is the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s sturdy, lightweight and is compatible with all of the latest Apple and Android devices. With one plug socket and four USB ports, it is suitable for charging tablets, laptops and e-readers as well as small travel hair dryers and irons. Problem solved!

Jabra Motion Office

This is an all-in-one office, PC and Bluetooth headset, ideal for staying connected when you’re on the road. The headset is compatible with your office desk phone, laptop and mobile phone and is small enough to pop in your carry-on luggage. The headset boasts crystal clear quality, even in windy and noisy environments, and you can initiate and answer calls using only your voice.

Iota all-in-one security kit

This security kit is ideal for those who want to check on their home security while away. Iota allows you to monitor your home via HD cameras and motion sensors, as well as lock your doors, change the thermostat and more.

The software can send a notification right to your mobile phone when a motion sensor is tripped or there’s been an instance of unauthorised access at your home, ideal for maintaining peace of mind.


Alchemy: The surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense

This book is written Rory Sutherland, the Ogilvy advertising legend who’s TED Talks have been viewed nearly 7 million times. In this book, he explores how many of the world’s most popular products and services are rather illogical. Rory combines cutting edge behavioural science, jaw-dropping stories and a touch of branding magic on a mission to turn readers into idea alchemists.

The big problems we face every day, whether as an individual or in society, could very well be solved by letting go of logic and embracing the irrational.

The Millennial’s Guide to Business Travel

This book is designed for the next generation of road warrior: The Millennial. Business travel is different from personal travel. Your time is not your own.

Your company wants you to travel quickly and always be productive, even though you fight rush hour traffic to the airport and stand in long security lines. All this while eating crazy late dinners and figuring out a plan B when your booked hotel is sold out.

With the right planning and understanding of on the road encounters, a business trip can be as easy and fun as it is successful. Enjoy dozens of real life travel stories told from the perspective of fellow road warriors. Take a few lessons from seasoned travellers and don’t make the typical rookie mistakes made by your peers.

Now that you have all the necessary accessories, contact one of our team on 01625 446 277 to help organise your next business trip or visit our enquiry page to find out more.

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