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Hotels have long been at the forefront of adopting new technologies, and were the first to successfully use telephones and intercom systems. This was long before they became the norm in everyday households.

So, with international travel becoming ever more accessible, the amount of people travelling with work continuing to grow and consumers demanding more from their hospitality providers, where is the hotel industry headed?

The traditional approach of successful hotels has always been to exceed guest expectations, yet in today’s world, modern technology is now allowing hotels to predict these expectations. Hotels can now tailor a guest’s experience on-the-go to fit personal demands. Here we take a look at some of the technologies that will allow hotels to do so.

Smart rooms

Smart rooms will continue to integrate Internet of Things devices into your hotel stay, allowing guests to control and perfect their in-room experience.

These devices will usually come in the form of a tablet, which many high-end hotels and other accommodations have already started to make use of. Guests will be able to adjust the lights, blinds, air conditioning, media and more in every room they are in.

Tablets will also give guests instant access to conversations with concierges, their hotel booking details and flight schedules, as well as personalised promotional offers.

Augmented and virtual reality in the booking process

Airbnb has already been experimenting with this forward-thinking technology and using it to enhance its booking process.

Whether through smart phones, laptops or consumer AR and VR glasses, virtual reality will allow guests to know exactly what their accommodation will look like prior to booking, removing any unwanted surprises.

AR will also give hotels the opportunity to improve the customer experience. Potential guests will be able to leave notes regarding what they would personally like changed or added to their rooms, well in advance of their arrival.

Artificial Intelligence-driven customer experience

AI chatbots, similar to Alexas, will become virtual assistants for every step of a guest’s stay. Artificial Intelligence will also work towards hyper-personalisation of experiences for guests. It will help guide and provide offers for guests using the data they have shared with the hotel, learning how the guest interacts with the smart features in the room.

AI will be the biggest enhancer of customer experience, targeting guests with the activities, restaurants and information they specifically need or will benefit from in real time.


Technological advancements for the hotel industry do not end here, and will continue to evolve and develop rapidly. However, in an industry that has historically prided itself on the human aspect of its service, will the growing use of these technologies change the hospitality industry for the better? We think there is a balance to be had, and if introduced in the right way, the potential benefits are limitless.

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