How to survive summer corporate travel

Summer is always one of the busiest times of year to travel. This can pose challenges for business travellers with more queues, crowds and delays, but do not fear! Our corporate travel management company Cheshire team have put together some of our top tips to help you avoid the stresses and survive your summer corporate travel schedule.

Book a non-stop flight

A lower price on a connecting flight may look tempting, yet delays can end up being more costly and waste your precious time. The last thing you want is to miss that meeting or event because you were stuck in the airport. Always be aware of the difference between non-stop and direct flights – direct might sound the same as non-stop but there is a difference. A direct flight may add a layover, wasting your valuable time.

Early bird catches the worm

If your main concern is being stuck amongst families who are heading out on their summer holidays – fly as early as possible. Booking your flight for first thing increases the chances of it leaving on time and avoiding busy family flights. Even if there are delays, you’ll likely still reach your destination the same day.


Charge EVERYTHING the night before you travel. Pack every wire, plug and gadget you’ll need for your trip and make sure they are easily accessible for when you need them. Never start your journey with a dead battery, as not every seat will have a plug for you to use. This can waste time you could have spent sending that email or getting some work done.


Try your best to only pack the essentials – socks, underwear an extra shirt or skirt that can all be mixed and matched together. There’s no point wasting space on things you most likely won’t need. Top tip: wear one pair of shoes and pack one, wear the heavier shoes for travelling in order to save the most space.

Check in ahead of time

Most airlines now allow you to check in for your flight online or through your airline’s app a few days before you fly. Checking in early allows you to have your boarding pass ready and head straight to security when you arrive at the airport, skipping the check-in desk altogether.

Schedule in some chill time

It’s always a good idea to add in some leisure time to a trip. After you’ve finished your business commitments, allow yourself some time to get to know the city or town you’re staying in a bit better and experience something new before facing the return trip home.

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