How to use business travel to engage employees

A happy, motivated workforce is key to business success, and finding methods to engage and incentivise your employees is fundamental to achieving this.


There are various ways that companies incentivise employees, and travel is an increasingly popular option. In fact, incorporating business travel into your company rewards scheme has proven to be much more effective at improving productivity than cash bonuses or gifts.

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence conducted research in 2012 and again in 2016 into why using travel as an incentive tool delivers results. Findings included:

“87.5% of participants of work travel as an incentive said the experience made them feel more appreciated. Whilst 80% of participants said it increased their feeling of loyalty towards the company, aiding employee retention.”

Employee travel benefits a business in that, given enough incorporated leisure time, employees return to the office feeling refreshed and with new perspectives. A travel incentive is a memorable experience for employees and the positivity from their trip will most likely be relayed to other staff, encouraging increased effort and engagement. Let your staff be your best PR, no one is more reliable or motivational.


Your company can use a travel incentive programme to motivate employees by setting a sales or output target to be achieved within a time frame. If accomplished, they will then be rewarded with a luxury trip. Although this target should be ambitious, it is important that it is not impossible, as employees will recognise this and it could have an adverse effect.

Travel incentives can also be staggered in terms of targets and rewards, meaning you can involve and engage the whole office. Travel rewards could range from short domestic day trips to international luxury weeks away, depending on seniority of staff and targets achieved.

Travel doesn’t necessarily have to be used in a target and reward system to motivate. Allowing employees to incorporate leisure days into their business trips can encourage them to arrange new and existing client meetings further afield and drive client relations.

Travel as a method to engage employees is not a one-off tactic, but a long term strategy that will lead to increased productivity from staff, higher retention and increased sales and output for your business.

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