It’s official. After a tense round of semi-finals (with England knocking out the defending champions New Zealand) our boys face South Africa in the Rugby World Cup final this Saturday.

And although the hosts’ World Cup dream came to a close during the quarter-finals, the Japanese rugby team’s success not only captured the world’s attention but their spirit encapsulated that of a nation.

With an interesting heritage and booming economy, it is no wonder that Japan is a popular destination for international business travellers.

We’ve rounded up some key tips for Business Travel to Japan:

Business Etiquette
Understanding Japanese culture is crucial to a successful business travel trip. Showing respect is of paramount importance and you can achieve this by being punctual, greeting the most senior person before greeting others and by observing small details of politeness such as leaving a room to blow your nose.

For Japanese business professionals, a business card is an extension of their identity. Always accept the card in both hands, read it and place it either on the table in front of you or in your business card holder. It is considered a faux pas to put the card in your wallet or back pocket! Similarly ensure you present your business card in a comparable fashion, never toss or push your business card across a table.

Japan Business Visa
To travel to Japan for basic business activities most travellers don’t need anything more than an ordinary tourist visa for less than 90 days.
If you’re in doubt, you can check the website of the Japanese Embassy, where you can also verify Japan business visa requirements.

How to spend your free time
If you’re traveling to Tokyo for business, you could easily spend your free time exploring different parts of the city, from ancient Asakusa, to speed-of-light Shinjuku. Another option would be to take a day trip, be it to historical Nikko or vibrant Yokohama, both of which make welcome distractions on a business trip to Japan.

If you’re doing business on the country’s southernmost island, chances are it will take you here. Due to its proximity to the Asian mainland, it has been an important harbour city for centuries. Whilst you are here you can visit the reclining Buddha at Nanzo-in or if you don’t want to go too far enjoy a leisurely stroll through the ruins of Fukuoka Castle.

While attractions like Osaka Castle and Dotonbori pedestrian street are alluring, it’s difficult to resist the appeal of an excursion to Kyoto, which might be the most beautiful city in the world.

This is one of Japan’s most thriving regions for agriculture, veterinary sciences and geosciences. In addition to these three industries, Sapporo boasts a pool of scientific and technical knowledge in fields such as medicine, environment, arctic research, media arts, and so on. Sapporo is known as a premier winter destination, hosting various international events such as Sapporo Snow Festival. A day trip to Otaru (during winter in Japan) or lavender-filled Furano (in summer) can liven things up compared to the ho-hum of business in Japan.

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