Keeping your employees safe abroad

The safety of employees has never been a bigger focus for UK businesses. With political, economic and social instability dominating news, the legal responsibility of companies to keep employees safe must be addressed – and TMCs have an important role to play.

Steve Blows, Director at Review Travel, has amassed many years’ experience resolving security concerns worldwide. From escorting pharmaceutical groups into Libya, to assisting with client hostage situations, Steve has honed his skills for crisis protocol over a varied and challenging career.

In a recent survey conducted by Collinson Group, a fifth of HR professionals had no corporate travel risk partner or TMC in place. These partnerships are vital for ensuring the highest safety and security standards, and the expertise provided by seasoned professionals is invaluable.

One key benefit of using a TMC is the intelligent software it has access to. As a member of the Advantage Partnership, Review Travel has exclusive use of PA Dashboard. This programme generates reports on employee location as soon as clients require them, proving invaluable in the event of disruption.

Advances in technology and a demand for instantaneous information are driving a more personalised approach. TMCs collate information on traveller habits and use the data to provide tailored travel alerts and reach individuals faster. In the event of potentially dangerous disruptions, these time savings are invaluable.

Ultimately, it is a company’s responsibility to provide travel advice and guidelines to employees, but there are simple measures that can be taken to improve a traveller’s experience. Below, Steve Blows gives his top tips for ensuring that your staff have a safe and hassle-free trip:

Do your research

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website’s travel advice section is a great source of information for destinations worldwide. It contains everything from currency and entry requirements to safety, security and terrorism threat. Fit for travel is also a fantastic website for checking which vaccinations travellers will need.

Double and triple check insurance cover

Many companies have blanket insurance policies for employee travel. These policies cover the majority of travel, but it’s vital that businesses check which destinations are included in the package. Companies can be caught out when certain countries aren’t included on the policy. This has been the case for clients travelling to Cuba, Russia and Ukraine, where additional add-ons were needed.

Keep cash and cards separate

This may seem like common sense, but remind employees to keep their money and expensive items out of sight. It is a good idea for them to have a copy of their credit/debit card information and bank contact details. This will save a lot of time and minimise hassle should their card get lost or stolen.


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For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, check

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