Long-haul hacks

No matter how long you’ve been getting those red eye flights for, a difficult travelling schedule can play havoc with your body clock. Below we’ve compiled a few helpful hints to make long-haul travel bearable:


Stay Entertained

Invest in a pricier set of headphones. Whether you want to drift off into a peaceful sleep to whale song or be kept on the edge of your seat by the latest action thriller, you’ll appreciate those good quality headphones when the child three rows behind starts crying.


Arrive prepared

It may seem like the most obvious advice, but arriving at the airport with plenty of time and with itinerary in hand is the most effective way of ensuring a stress-free journey. For extra comfort, print off a couple of extra copies of your travel documents just in case an unfortunate lost baggage incident occurs.


Book a lounge

If your company’s budget allows for it, book yourself a place at one of the many airport lounges now on offer in most airport terminals. With complimentary Wi-Fi, food, drink and a calm atmosphere, it will allow you to relax prior to boarding and impress your boss by getting some work done outside the office.


Keep on moving

Unless you’re one of the few travellers who are comfortable remaining seated for the duration of a long-haul flight, it’s beneficial to get up and move around regularly. This will help avoid stiffness once you get to your destination and help with your circulation. We aren’t suggesting laps around the aisles, a quick stretch every couple of hours should suffice.


Drink! Not that kind of drink…

Hydration is key when travelling for long periods of time. Ensuring that you drink water regularly before, during and after a long-haul flight lessens the effects of jet lag and helps you feel yourself after so long in a confined environment. Of course, you may be tempted to a tipple or two on board but make sure this is accompanied by plenty of the clear stuff to stay hydrated generic celebrex.



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