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Over the past decade, the number of commuters spending over two hours travelling to and from work each day has increased by 72%. With this amounting to a quarter of the average work day, we’ve compiled a list of the five best apps to help productivity skyrocket on your daily commute:


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Catch up on the latest news and views using SmartNews – the streamlined, clutter-free news app. SmartNews has partnered with Time, Fast Company, Reuters, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and many others to provide you with the top trending stories influencing the world right now.


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Wunderlist is the ultimate organisational tool. Create to-do lists, attach files and collaborate with others using its intuitive and interactive interface. Wunderlist syncs seamlessly with other devices including the Apple Watch, laptops and desktops to keep your goals and achievements to hand at all times.


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Take time to enjoy thousands of audiobooks available on the Audible app. Listen to one of your favourite novels to drown out the din of the tube, or delve into the autobiography you’ve been meaning to get your hands on for ages. This app is a great way to unwind en route home from a hectic day.


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Train your brain using the range of intellectual games available on Lumosity. With over fifty games, the app claims to improve overall brain function in areas responsible for memory, attention, flexibility speed of processing and problem solving. If nothing else, you’ll feel less guilty than if you were surfing Buzzfeed.


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There may be nothing quite like a print magazine or newspaper to hold, but there’s a lot to be said for an app which collates multiple subscriptions. Texture does just this, bringing you access to the world’s best magazines as well as an extensive back catalogue of classic titles.

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