Review Travel’s top tips for business travel with your boss

Travelling with your boss can seem like a daunting prospect, but Review Travel has some handy tips to help the whole experience run smoothly:

  • Never drink too much, and we mean NEVER. Yes, you may be terrified of spending an inordinate amount of time in the confines of a plane alongside your boss, but you’ll regret those four whiskies once your usual professional persona slips. Take the lead from your boss on this one, there’s no harm in having a tipple or two with your meal but always err on the side of caution.
  • When flying long haul with your boss, pre-book an airport lounge. These areas provide you with a quiet environment along with complimentary food, drink and Wi-Fi, allowing you to impress your boss with your conscientious approach to work outside of the office.
  • Don’t forget your passport or tickets – this happens more than you think! If you can’t manage to remember your travel documents, how can your boss trust you to run your own department or progress to their level one day? For extra brownie points, carry a copy of your boss’ itinerary in the event of a slip up on their part.
  • Last but certainly not least, handle unforeseen circumstances with decorum. Sometimes things go wrong beyond your control, but don’t let anger and frustration get the better of you. If your luggage is misplaced, allow your boss to witness you deal with the challenge, liaising with appropriate airport staff to resolve the situation in a calm manner.

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