Three reasons to…use an online booking tool

Online booking tools offer an increasingly comprehensive service to business travellers, comparing prices from a huge range of sources and providing solutions bespoke to clients’ needs read the article.

Below we have three reasons why your company should consider using an online booking tool:

Keep costs down

TMCs compare prices from a huge range of providers worldwide. The more prices you compare, the better deal you’re going to get. This is the key advantage of using such a tool over an online search platform open to the general public.

Clients using an online booking tool also have access to exclusive deals. These include the most competitive advance fares and loyalty rewards.

Enjoy bespoke service

As online booking tools become more sophisticated, personalisation is at the forefront of software innovation. Specialist software can store data on everything from your favourite seat on the plane to preferred hotel room, enabling you to create a truly bespoke travel package.

The capabilities of online booking software will become more advanced as travel bookers are able to archive a greater range of preferences. This is likely to include flight time, airline, and preferred hotel in the next 12 months. The tool can also be designed to fit in with company-specific approval systems and travel policy.

Save precious time

Using this highly personalised service eliminates the administrative element of inputting a client’s preferences, making the online booking process much more efficient. Mobile access that this software permits also allows travellers to make changes and cancellations on-the-go, reducing the burden on office managers and assistants back at the office.

Review Travel has a comprehensive, single-sign online solution launching in January 2017, so keep an eye out for the launch! As well as an online services, Review Travel has a team of experienced business travel consultants available to assist clients with bookings and enquiries, offering a flexible travel solution, bespoke to your company’s preferred method of booking.

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