Top tips for out of this world business travel management

There are plenty of factors to consider when booking staff travel. As if planning meetings, arranging hotels and booking international travel isn’t enough, you’re also responsible for contingency plans if delays and strikes cause disruption.

Despite such challenges, there are ways to help avoid stressful situations. Here are some of our top tips for efficient corporate travel management and staying ahead of the game:

Consolidate schedules

It’s so much easier to keep up with everyone’s itineraries when they’re all in one place. Make sure that you have confirmed schedules for all travelling employees, and use supplier software available. Our online booking tool software, OrBiT, has platforms for travel bookers and travellers alike, allowing schedules to be viewed and compared in no time at all.

This makes it so much easier to arrange alternative plans if unforeseen changes occur, identifying exactly which employees are affected.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals

We understand the importance of minimising travel spend to meet all important targets and budget requirements.

With the vast range of travel sites online, there are plenty of competitively priced deals to take advantage of. Of course, this can also make it a minefield to trawl through. To minimise the legwork, it’s worth speaking to a TMC to see how they could help you navigate this.

Here at Review Travel, we give our clients access to fares that aren’t available to the general public. We can compare fares from over 70 countries, which are then benchmarked against Expedia, Opodo and, to ensure that clients receive the most cost-effective options.

Take advantage of technology

There are always new pieces of cutting edge software being released to help you, the travel booker, do your job in the best, most efficient way possible. Buying Business Travel and The Business Travel Magazine are fantastic sources of information on the latest developments in this area.

With everything from invoicing systems to security tools being continuously improved upon by developers, there are plenty of opportunities to make your job easier and keep travellers safer. For instance, with our online booking tool OrBiT, you can compare rates, fares and amenities at the touch of a button, minimising admin time and maximising productivity.

Work closely with suppliers

Last, but by no means least, be sure to take advantage of the vast experience and expertise offered by your suppliers. Whether they are airlines, hotels, TMCs or invoicing providers, they all want your business and can contribute extremely useful value added advice and services. Don’t be afraid to ask!

For more information on Review Travel’s services, you can contact our team of experts on 01625 446 277 or visit our enquiry page here.

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