Top tips for organising travel to the USA

The USA is a much-loved destination by tourists and business travelers worldwide. With its great lakes, vast deserts and bustling cities, it has something for everyone.

Below we have a few factors to consider when booking a trip across the pond:

Travel insurance

Medical care in the USA is among some of the best in the world, but can be expensive if you don’t have the appropriate insurance cover. According to the Healthcare Blue Book, a broken leg can set you back roughly $9,500. Avoid such costs by arranging maximum insurance cover. Hopefully you’ll never have to claim, but you’d rather be safe than sorry!

Local laws

Local laws and customs vary between states, so it’s good practice to get up to speed on those that apply to you on your visit. It’s important to keep your passport on you at all times in case you’re asked for proof of identity. We also recommend that you understand the laws surrounding controlled substances before entering each state. Laws are changing all the time and the last thing you want is a legal issue in a foreign country.


There are many different visa options for travel to the USA. These vary depending on employment situation, duration of stay, location and more. Many business travellers won’t require a visa at all, or may need a simple visitor’s visa. However, we recommend reading about all of the available options here. Review Travel is able to provide a full visa application and collection service, so please call 01625 446 277 to speak to one of our travel specialists to find out more.

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