Travel tips: winter weather

As a business traveller, you’ll deal with you fair share of extreme weather this winter. From unruly snowstorms to congested motorways, there are unexpected factors which could throw your planned itinerary off course.  Here we have a few tips to ensure you stay safe and on time in the winter months:

Weather reports

Your schedule will be tightly packed to fit in as much as possible, and staying up-to-date with weather reports will help you plan accordingly and minimise delays. Downloading apps including BBC Weather and Weather Channel will help you stay informed on-the-go.

Back-up plan

Harsh winter weather can lead to road closures, congestion, rail delays and cancelled flights, so it’s sensible to plan alternative routes. Following Review Travel’s Twitter account for our real-time travel alerts and tuning in to traffic programmes on the radio are good ways of staying up-to-date.

Strategic packing

When travelling to colder climates, it’s important to pack accordingly. Making sure that you pack enough layers is an obvious one, but also think about the things you may need in the event of a delay. This could include portable chargers, additional reading materials and foreign currency. You’re particularly susceptible to illness at this time of year, so remember to pack first response cold medication and painkillers.

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